Hello and thank you for your interest in Winnie’s Dog Walks.

My name is Laura Evans and I am the founder of Winnie’s Dog Walks. My Miniature Schnauzer, Winnie, is the inspiration behind the business. Winnie is a very kind natured and friendly dog, and she has generously agreed to share her owner with other great dogs.

I am absolutely bonkers about dogs! I have been ever since I had my first pet dog called Sally when I was just 5 years old. Winnie has been in dog day care and attending group walks since she was just a puppy. Therefore, I am so happy that I am now going to be joining her, and other lovely dogs, on their daily adventures.

We offer a range of services from local 1:1 dog walks, group walks in the countryside and day care. The most popular service we offer is the group dog walk. Dogs are collected from home, and then driven in a specially equipped van to a variety of locations, such as Devil’s Dyke, Stanmer Park, Wild Park, East Brighton Park, Waterhall, and also, coastal and river walks.

Come rain or shine, you can rely on us to ensure your dog is well cared for, thoroughly exercised and has fun. Whether you choose a morning, lunchtime or afternoon group walk, your dog will be exercised as part of a small group and always in a safe environment.

If you would like to meet to discuss any of our services, please do get in touch. I hope to see you and your dog very soon.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if your question is not addressed below by calling 07507 718517 or by emailing winniesdogwalks@hotmail.com

How many dogs do you take on each walk?

We take no more than 6 dogs on each group walk.

How do you transport the dogs?

We have a specially equipped van, containing dog crates that are lined with blankets.

Will dogs be walked off the lead?

If the owner wishes the dog to be off the lead, we would prefer to do so. However, we are happy to walk the dog on a long lead if this is the owner’s preference.

Are you insured?

We are a fully insured dog walking company and are happy to show our cover note if requested.

Can you provide references?

Yes, definitely. Please ask if you would like to make contact with one of our satisfied customers.

What is your policy regarding aggressive dogs?

We have a zero tolerance of aggressive behavior, and therefore, we will ensure that if a dog shows any aggression, they are no longer welcome on Winnie’s Dog Walks.

Do you walk any dog?

All breeds are welcome, the main priority is that the dog is socialised and friendly. We will always meet the owner/s and dog before the initial walk, to identify any specific requirements and to ensure that all questions are addressed. We will not walk bitches if they are in season or any male dog over 12 months old who has not been castrated.

What happens if there is an emergency whilst your dog is with us?

As part of the introductory meeting we will complete a customer registration document. This captures full contact details for the owner, and also, information on the veterinary surgery where the dog is registered. If your dog requires medical attention, you will be called immediately, and your dog will be taken to their vet. Owners are liable for any subsequent costs for their dog’s care.


Group Dog Walks £10 per dog (£17 for two dogs from the same household).

Your dog can enjoy a fun walk, in a safe environment, with their new friends. They shall be collected from your home or office, transported in a specially equipped van, walked for a minimum of 1 hour in the south downs, the city park’s or by the coast (with homemade liver cake treats and plenty of water provided) and then returned home, happy and tired

Including travel time, your dog will be out of the house for approximately two hours.

The total number of dogs on a group walk will not exceed six dogs.

Discounted rate of £40 per week for dogs on a group walk, five times per week.
Local 1:1 Dog Walks (only available in Hove) £12 per dog (£19 for two dogs from the same household)

For puppies, senior dogs, or dogs that prefer 1:1 attention, we offer a local walk service. Dogs will be walked for a minimum of 30 minutes in local parks (such as St Ann’s Wells Gardens) or along the seafront.

Dog Day Care (from 9am – 5pm) £22.00 per day (usual timings 9am – 5pm but please ask if flexibility is required)

Winnie and I will make your dog feel completely at home with us. Your dog will go on at least two exciting walks (each a minimum of 1 hour), have time to snooze, play and enjoy lots of fuss and love. There are plenty of dog beds / sofa’s to sleep on, a large variety of toys to play with, bones to chew, fresh water available and your dog will be under constant supervision.

Day care is only available to a maximum of two dogs (not including Winnie) and only for dogs who have previously been on dog walks with us.

Day care available to dogs over 12 months who have been spayed or neutered.

Dogs must be fully toilet trained.